Duplicator – WordPress Plugin

Plugins > Add New > Search Duplicator (by Snap Creek)
Install > Activate
In Left Side Menu of WordPress Click on Duplicator
Create New > Next > Ck Yes and Click Build (If you site exceeds the free version, you may need to pay for this plugin)

Download the Installer & Archive to your computer.
Upload to the root directory of the url where you are moving the site.
Note: quicker upload speed through cPanel File Manager vs FTP client

Then in your browser goto yourdomain.com/installer.php
If you have a current website at this domain, it will overwrite it.
You will see Step 1 (You can view options and make any changes there that you prefer) Click Next
Step 2 Install Database
If you do not already have a database at this location you will need to choose:
Login to your cPanel > MSQL Databases > Create New > enterNameYouChoose > goback >
MySQL Users Add New > websitePrefix_enterNewUserName > Enter password twice > Create User > GoBack
Add User to Database > choose user you just created & then DB you just created > Add
Action > Create New Database > Host localhost > Database yoursitename_db > User createaname > Password CreateAPassword (make sure you save this information for later) > Add > Click All Privileges > Make Changes
Put this information in STep 2 under Basic tab > Validate > Next > OK
Step 3 Update Data > Next
Step 4 > Next

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