Google Analytics Mandatory Move to G4

Add a Google Analytics 4 property (to a site that already has Analytics)

If your website builder/CMS does not use the gtag.js tag, and your current tag is analytics.js.
You will need to create a new property. Make sure to use “enhanced measurement” to keep your prior data.

Goto G4 Setup Assistant
Click Data Stream & click on the G4 listing
Configure tag settings
Install Instructions
Install manually
Copy the gtag.js and add it to your site header pages

Google reCaptcha v3 on NON-WP sites

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your gMail
  2. Register your website & get your key
    Click the + in top right to create new
    Type in the Website Name
    Choose v3
    Type in the Domain
    You will be admin
    Agree to Terms
  3. You now have a site key & secret key
  4. In form html page header:
    <script src=” put your site key here “></script><script>    grecaptcha.ready(function () {        grecaptcha.execute(‘ put your site key here ‘, { action: ‘contact’ }).then(function (token) {            var recaptchaResponse = document.getElementById(‘recaptchaResponse’);            recaptchaResponse.value = token;        });    });</script>
  5. In form html page above </form>
    <input type=”hidden” name=”recaptcha_response” id=”recaptchaResponse”>
  6. In your php processing script:

<?php // Check if form was submitted:
if ($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_METHOD’] === ‘POST’ && isset($_POST[‘recaptcha_response’])) {

// Build POST request:
$recaptcha_url = '';
$recaptcha_secret = 'Your secret key here';
$recaptcha_response = $_POST['recaptcha_response'];

// Make and decode POST request:
$recaptcha = file_get_contents($recaptcha_url . '?secret=' . $recaptcha_secret . '&response=' . $recaptcha_response);
$recaptcha = json_decode($recaptcha);

// Take action based on the score returned:
if ($recaptcha->score >= 0.5) {
  // multiple recipients
  $to  = '' . ', '; // note the comma
  // if you want to cc others $to .= '';

  // subject
  $subject = 'Website Inquiry Form';

  // get variables from form
  $email = $_REQUEST ['email'];
  $name = $_REQUEST ['name'];
  $street = $_REQUEST ['street'];
  $city = $_REQUEST ['city'];
  $state = $_REQUEST ['state'];
  $zip = $_REQUEST ['zip'];
  $phone = $_REQUEST ['phone'];
  $comments = $_REQUEST ['comments'];

  // message
  $message = '
  Name:    '.$name.'

  Email    '.$email.'

  Address:    '.$street.', '.$city.', '.$state.'  '.$zip.'

  Phone    '.$phone.'

  Comments    '.$comments.'


//Put your html for your thank you below here

Most From:


Register Domain at Google.

Using Contact 7 form on WordPress, goto integration and enter the site key & secret key you created above.



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receipt of .us domain mail intermittent mainly from cell phones

Check your .us domain out here:

If you get this error, your DNS was not set up properly, but .com domains don’t seem to care.

ERROR: Some of your DNS servers do not have A records at all. I could not find any A records for the following DNS servers:

You must have A records for all of your nameservers.

Also…the IP will be missing:
Nameserver records returned by the parent servers are: [] (NO GLUE) [TTL=7200] [] (NO GLUE) [TTL=7200] was kind enough to give us that information.

Should look like this:

Nameserver records returned by the parent servers are: [‘’] (NO GLUE) [TTL=3600] [‘’] (NO GLUE) [TTL=3600] was kind enough to give us that information.

How do you fix?

– Login to your cPanel/WHM
– Search for Edit DNS Zone
– Select the domain that you set as host/nameserver
– Add New Entries Below this Line
ns1 –> 14400 –> A –> YourServerIP
ns2 –> 14400 –> A –> YourServerIP


Hopefully that will fix the problem.