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Creation of new website – One Time Fee

Option1 –
Design of up to a 5 page static website $850
One time submittal to major search engines Included
The site will be design with SEO (search engine optimized) pages Included
If needed, will also include time to register domain and purchase & setup host
Total $850
Include blog & social media setup w/1st post for
Total $1800 (top seller)

Option 2 –
Design of up to a 6-10 page website $1050

All listed above
Include blog & social media setup w/1st post for
Total $2000

Marketing (Optional) – Monthly Recurring OR Hourly

Marketing – Your site will be submitted to the top free search engines for your generic placement. This can take up to 6 months. At first your placement is checked every few weeks. Once placement has been secured your placement will be checked every 4-6 months. Advertising on our established sites is included, which will help your generic listings in many top search engines. One Hour of Minor updates each month – non-accumulative. $80/mo plus – Any additional hours of update @45/hr (43.75% off our normal rate $80/mo)


Updates or SEO work on an as needed basis NO Monthly Charge $80/hr

Add-0n: Blog One-Time Fee (optional)

Set-up of Blog such as WordPress $250
Maintaining this blog with up to date, relevant information will be up to you unless we discuss a content plan that we can maintain for you.

Add-0n: Additional Marketing in Community (optional)

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter (may also include Pinterest & Tumblr & Yelp)
Google Local & Yahoo Local $500/one-time

Posting current information is very important.
We offer a maintenance package for $200/mo.
This includes 1-2 posts per week in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIN with your assistance on content.

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