Google Indexing Drop in Mid August Was No Mistake

It appears many sites with duplicate content and bad business practices were penalized with no recovery even a year later.

The reason … Google’s algorithmic changed. This isn’t the first, but it was one of the hardest hitting when it comes to how many pages of your site Google is indexing.

Here is a great article showing you the time consuming steps to slowly regain some of your exposure:

Things we can do to fix:

1. Better Content
2. No Farm links
3. No Short Posts (300+ words)
4. Don’t overly optimize called Black Hat SEO
5. Duplicate content will affect your search engine presence – use URL canonicalization
6. Social Media Helps! Google+ votes, Facebook likes, Twitter and Delicious

Just a few bad pages affects the entire site – it is a domain level penalty.

More soon….

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